Google Chrome Display Problems

Many websites (including this one) that display incorrectly in Google Chrome display fine in every other browser. Perhaps in an attempt to achieve page rendering speed at the expense of accuracy, Google has taken some shortcuts that affect how certain page elements display. In our case, Google's bug cuts off the bottom of some* boxes that appear when your mouse cursor hovers over them.

* This bug appears to affect only boxes that extend the vertical height of the page. When such page content appears, your browser should enable you to scroll down to see all of the content, not just part of it.

We will not redesign our site to work around the Google bug. We (and other website designers who implemented a similar technique) thought of a nifty way to give CSS the ability to do certain things that normally can be done only with JavaScript. JavaScript has many problems of its own, which is why we sought an alternative solution. We found one, and it worked perfectly—until Google Chrome came along.

Since Google is practically a synonym for innovation, we want them to not penalize it. Therefore, we ask Google to fix the display problems created by their new browser. We don't think it is realistic for one company, no matter how large, to expect countless website owners to redesign their sites so they are not affected by the bugs in Google Chrome.

Currently (May 2010), if you search for google chrome display problems, you'll come up with 13.7 million hits. Clearly, we're not the only ones affected by the nonstandard behavior of Google Chrome. UPDATE March 2011: It's now over 40 million hits.

Example of how Google Chrome botches the page display (see the red arrow near the bottom of this screen shot):

Example of how Google Chrome cuts off page content

The following screen shot illustrates how Firefox correctly displays the page:

Firefox allows you to scroll down to see all of the page content, unlike Google Chrome

Live example of how Google Chrome cuts off box:

If this box appears correctly, you should be able to scroll down to see pictures of three models and a paragraph below them.

All of the text in this paragraph should appear.

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