This site can do much more than you think! applications

You probably saw a button in a blog or other website without fully realizing what it can do for you. By hovering your mouse cursor over it, you likely realized that you can use our free service to be notified when updates or additions to that topic are available. However, our site does much more than that. You can also use it to:

  • View and post comments about the topic
  • Contact the person who posted that topic
  • Contact others tracking that topic

The latter option gives a person who registers a topic for others to track the ability to easily form a discussion group about it. Forming a discussion group is ordinarily a complicated process, but we made it super easy: just one click, and it's done!

Similarly, people who register a topic instantly have the power of email list software without any of its hassles, complexity, or expense. Since a topic can be anything, people who track your topic can be notified of updates to your site, or you can use this power to easily send newsletters to your subscribers. Incidentally, you can permit everyone to track your topic, or only those you approve.

We also improved the process of enabling site visitors to send a message to the person who posted a topic—if that person selected this option, of course. Many site visitors are reluctant to send messages via the usual "contact me" form because if they want a response, they must give their e-mail address, which may lead to spam. permits people to send and receive messages without disclosing their e-mail addresses.

This site also permits you to create instant info topics that instantly provide more information. Instant info topics can also be used to offer safe URL redirection (a.k.a., URL forwarding)—instead of the usual URL redirection/forwarding services in which you must cross your fingers and hope for the best when you click a link that could lead you to a legitimate site, or to a malicious site that damages your computer or steals your identity and money.

See the applications and FAQ pages for surprising examples of how this site benefits you, and how it outshines its competitors, including Google Alerts, RSS, and the DOI System.